The GOODWILL platform was created for high-quality and convenient remote medical care from leading doctors in Israel. The goal of our company is to give everyone the opportunity to receive professional advice, regardless of their age and income, place of residence and diagnosis. With the help of the site, the patient and the doctor communicate and communicate in video format at a convenient time in the patient’s native language. If doctors in the country of residence cannot help you, they lack experience, knowledge or technical conditions, there is a way out – to get an online consultation from a narrow-profile doctor in Israel.
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Affordable medical care
The main advantage of our cooperation is to provide easy access for communication with a doctor and necessary medical solutions for everyone who is vital. Our team helps to save time and money, as it takes care of organizing a consultation with a doctor. Patients do not need to travel to Israel for this. Only the leading doctors of Israel are represented on the platform. Their experience is counted in dozens of years of practice, and the number of successful procedures performed is in the thousands.
Benefits of our service
Our specialists know the intricacies of the organization of medical services in Israel, the possibilities of clinics, the specialization of specific doctors, communicate directly and consult with them.

Effectively and effortlessly, we organize an online appointment with a doctor in order to solve a medical problem that has arisen.

We understand how delicate issues related to health are, do not share information with third parties and give you complete freedom of choice.

We adhere to the principles of transparency and openness, therefore we do not include the cost of our services in the fee for a consultation with a doctor.

Professional assistance of practicing doctors
Take care of your health today!

How to get a consultation

1. Choose a doctor

By searching or by specialization. If you are at a loss, leave a request on the website, we will help you

2. Choose a day and time

Book a convenient day and time for consultation in the doctor’s schedule

3. Make payment

Pay for the consultation in any way convenient for you from those available on the website

4. Get an online consultation

Consult with a specialist, get a conclusion and recommendations orally and by mail

We wish the visitors of our site health and urge not to fight diseases alone, but to use all available opportunities for this.
Best regards, Goodwill team.