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Orthopedists of Israel — consultation, appointment
The approach to the treatment of joints, identifying the causes and mechanisms of their development, among Israeli orthopedists in Israel has changed significantly in recent years. New opportunities have appeared in the conservative and surgical treatment of joints in Israel. Methods are especially effective if used in the early stages of the development of the disease. But even if inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints are in advanced stages, doctors are able to cure a patient using advanced technologies. Orthopedists in Israel prescribe surgery only when conservative treatment is ineffective.
Online consultations of Israeli orthopedists
Video consultation of an orthopedist is a conversation with a doctor in real time. It concerns the analysis of results from digital radiography or computed tomography data. The doctor clarifies the diagnosis, and also determines the most effective way to eliminate the disease. He provides detailed recommendations for diagnosis and treatment. A treatment plan is formed, which takes into account, first of all, the individual characteristics of the patient.
Who can apply for an orthopedic video consultation
After analyzing the medical documentation, the doctor can make a diagnosis, as well as offer the best treatment options for the following diseases:
  • osteoarthritis, including knee and hip joints;
  • consequences of fractures (osteomyelitis, pseudarthrosis, limb shortening);
  • congenital diseases that are accompanied by short stature;
  • rachiocampsis;
  • dislocation of the joints;
  • injuries of the knee meniscus, ligaments, tendons;
  • flat feet.
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A pediatric orthopedist helps patients with congenital developmental disorders of the hip and other joints, clubfoot, infantile cerebral palsy, underdevelopment of one of the limb bones, etc.
Methods of joint treatment in Israel
Israeli orthopedists always begin treatment after finding out the cause of the disease, so the main focus is on treating the underlying disease, eliminating the causes of inflammation, destruction, and joint pain. The patient's age, the effectiveness of previous treatments, and the stage of the pathological process are taken into account. Surgical treatment of orthopedics in Israel by doctors is used only when absolutely necessary. The use of conservative methods makes it possible not to operate in 90% of cases.

In the early stages of the disease, it stops the progression of the disease, reduces, or even eliminates pain. But there is no medicine that cures the damage.

Non-drug therapy

Improves blood circulation in diseased joints, synthesis of bone and cartilage tissue and reduces salt deposits. Such methods of conservative treatment include: physiotherapy, shock wave therapy, balneotherapy, acupuncture, joint traction, manual therapy, massage, ultrasound therapy with the introduction of drugs.

Surgical methods

They allow minimally invasive correction of defects of soft and bone tissues, restoration of joint functions, fixation, correction of congenital or acquired deformities, and, in case of severe wear, use endoprosthetics.

High tech

They are used in spinal surgery. For these purposes, the Spine Assist robot was developed in Israel, with the help of which vertebral implants are ideally placed.

What is needed to consult an orthopedist online
Before signing up for an online consultation with an Israeli clinic orthopedist, it is necessary in a special form on our website, if possible, to download the available current medical documents, test results, data of additional research methods (X-ray, CT, MRI). After that, they will agree with you and appoint a convenient time for video consultation with a doctor of the highest category and narrow specialization.
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What does the patient get during the consultation
If the doctor does not speak Russian, a medical translator will be presented to him. During an online consultation, the doctor reviews aspects of your clinical case:
  • clarifies complaints, if possible, examines the affected limb remotely;
  • analyzes and explains the results of additional research in an accessible way;
  • clarifies the diagnosis;
  • introduces modern methods of treatment, offers the most suitable option, taking into account individual characteristics.
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Upon completion of the consultation, a detailed medical opinion and recommendations on further treatment tactics (with translation into Russian) will be sent by e-mail. They can be used to contact a local orthopedic surgeon or they will be taken into account when undergoing treatment in one of the leading medical centers in Israel.