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The GOODWILL platform is designed to provide affordable remote medical care from Israeli doctors to every patient, regardless of income, age and geographic location. Its peculiarity is that when choosing a doctor, there is no reference to a specific medical center in Israel, so a private consultation with a doctor outside the clinic is cheaper. To receive a consultation, you only need to book a day and time with a selected doctor.
Фон обслуживание
Doctors Help Online
The service is not limited to the staff of doctors from any Israeli hospital, and there is always an opportunity to find a specialist with a narrow specialization that best suits the disease. Telemedicine is an excellent solution that makes it possible to restrict travel to another country without risking contracting coronavirus from multiple contacts. And also the costs of treatment are significantly reduced, since you do not have to pay for air tickets, meals, accommodation abroad.
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We carefully select Doctors
The doctors selected by us have an impeccable reputation in the professional environment and are world-class specialists in their field. They have earned the trust of patients through years of work, involvement in treatment processes and tireless expansion of knowledge. Doctors are the authors of innovative therapy protocols that are accepted by the global medical community as the standards of progressive patient care.
If the desired specialist is not on the website, please write us the name of the doctor. As soon as possible, we will connect him to our platform, and give you the opportunity to consult with him.
About us
Our team allows you to save time and money, as it takes over the organization of the initial consultation online with a doctor in Israel. Experts know the intricacies of the provision of medical services in Israel, the possibilities of clinics, the specialization of specific doctors, communicate directly and consult with them. When organizing a video consultation with a doctor, we use the capabilities of modern technologies. The selected doctor promptly receives your medical documents and gives online answers to the questions asked at a time convenient for you.
By choosing our service you:

Choose a doctor with a narrow specialization, who has experience in treating diseases similar to yours, rather than general practice

Contact a doctor directly from anywhere in the world and get advice from a specialized doctor in Israel

Receive detailed information about your disease in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes in diagnosis and treatment

Professional assistance of practicing doctors
Take care of your health today!
Advantages of video consultation
Консультации ортопеда_5
To get a consultation, there is no need to leave your country and spend money and time on it. Qualified medical care of a narrow Israeli specialist can be obtained without leaving your home. Wherein:

Your chosen doctor will review the submitted medical documents

The conversation takes place in real time – you see the doctor on the screen of your computer or phone and listen to what he says

After the consultation, you receive documented answers to your questions in the form of a report, so there is no need to write down and remember the doctor’s recommendations

You make a decision about your further treatment at home or in Israel based on information from the primary source

How to get a consultation

1. Choose a doctor

By searching or by specialization. If you are at a loss, leave a request on the website, we will help you

2. Choose a day and time

Book a convenient day and time for consultation in the doctor’s schedule

3. Make payment

Pay for the consultation in any way convenient for you from those available on the website

4. Get an online consultation

Consult with a specialist, get a conclusion and recommendations orally and by mail