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Oncohematologists of Israel — consultation, appointment
Onconematology is a relatively young direction of medicine that studies malignant blood diseases, causes, mechanisms of development, treatment and prevention. It is developing rapidly, and especially successful methods are used in Israel. Every year, thousands of medical tourists from all over the world turn to Israeli hematologists for advice and treatment. Most of these patients are from Russia and the CIS countries, since the treatment of oncohematological diseases in their homeland has not yet reached such a development. And in Israel, there is a very high probability of curing a blood disease completely with timely treatment.
Such successes of Israeli medicine became possible due to the presence of a powerful laboratory and diagnostic base, high professionalism of the working medical staff and due to the fact that unique drugs and procedures are regularly introduced into everyday practice, even during bone marrow transplantation. Doctors use unique methods to normalize hematopoiesis, use the latest approaches: targeted therapy with antibodies, personalized cell CAR-T therapy, transplantation of their own and donor hematopoietic cells, etc. In 85% of cases, they achieve stable remission after completing the full course of treatment.
Online consultations of Israeli hematologists oncology
Not all patients can come to Israel, and a doctor's consultation is often very necessary. In these cases, you can order a consultation with a doctor online. It is carried out in real time, so the patient gets immediate answers to most of his questions. Video consultation with a hematologist from Israel helps to confirm or deny the diagnosis. After it, one can conclude about the advisability of the course of treatment undertaken at home and receive recommendations from an internationally recognized specialist. And if necessary, then take drastic measures in time, listening to the advice of a doctor. The conversation is conducted in Russian, and if the doctor does not speak it, an interpreter will help him.
Who can apply for a video consultation with a hematologist
Israeli oncohematologists are implementing effective protocols for the treatment of various blood diseases:
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma;
  • non-Hodgkin lymphomas;
  • lymphosarcoma;
  • multiple myeloma;
  • acute and chronic leukemia;
  • hairy cell and myeloid leukemia;
  • lymphogranulomatosis.
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New technologies used by oncohematologists in Israel
New developments and high technologies are used in Israeli clinics in the treatment of various types of blood cancer. At the same time, the treatment of young patients is different from that of adults. Among the methods taken:

The main type of treatment for blood cancer. For this in Israel, new generation cytostatic drugs are used that have practically no side effects. When they enter the bloodstream, they prevent cancer cells from growing and multiplying, and also stop the process of tumor spread, which contributes to the onset of the remission phase.

Monoclonal antibody treatment

With the help of this innovative therapeutic technique, the effectiveness of treatment is increased by 40%, which does not give serious complications. Cancer cells are targeted for targeted destruction, as monoclonal antibodies only bind to affected cells. Monoclonal antibodies can transport cytostatic drugs or radioactive substances into diseased cells. This method protects healthy cells of the body from negative effects on them.

Bone marrow transplant

Very often, such a procedure is the only possible chance to overcome the disease at critical stages. BMT restores the function of producing blood cells in the bone marrow, therefore, the natural mechanisms of fighting cancer are triggered. Allogeneic BMT (from a donor) and autologous BMT (using the patient's own bone marrow) are performed.


If mutated cells are found in the spleen or lymph nodes, then it is possible to use radiotherapy on modern linear accelerators. They irradiate the affected areas with an accuracy of 0.5 mm, minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissues.

What is needed to consult an oncohematologist online
Before you sign up for an online consultation with a hematologist in an Israeli clinic, you need to upload the available current medical documents in a special form on our website. After their initial analysis, they will agree with you and appoint a convenient time for video consultation with a doctor of the highest category and narrow specialization.
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What does the patient get during the consultation
An international-level expert makes his opinion on the patient's condition after analyzing the provided medical documents. The second opinion of the leading expert allows:
  • Understand the mechanisms of development of pathology, get advice on further treatment tactics.
  • Correct the diagnosis and choose a more effective treatment.
  • Get advice on the need for surgery or replacement with other, gentle methods.
  • Get acquainted with effective progressive methods of treating this disease, find out about the most suitable option, taking into account individual characteristics.
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Upon completion of the consultation, a detailed medical opinion and recommendations on further treatment tactics (with translation into Russian) are sent to the patient's e-mail. With these data, you can contact a hematologist at your place of residence or continue treatment in one of the leading medical centers in Israel.