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dr. Marat Khaikin

Proctologists of Israel — consultation, appointment
Proctology is a branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the colon and rectum, as well as the colorectal region. Proctological diseases cause serious discomfort in patients, therefore, they require timely qualified treatment. The delicacy of the disease and the embarrassment of the patient often lead to the fact that patients come to proctologists already in a critical condition, when an operation is required. Israeli doctors use minimally invasive methods for treatment - the most effective, painless and safe. The clinics use the latest medical equipment for this. Therefore, Israel is an attractive destination for medical tourism. Patients from Russia and the CIS come here to receive high-quality diagnostics and competent treatment of diseases of the large intestine.
Online consultations of Israeli proctologists
Video consultation of a world-renowned proctologist is a discussion of the disease with a doctor in real time. You don't need to travel to Israel for this. The doctor clarifies the patient's diagnosis, makes a conclusion about the results of the course of treatment taken and determines the most effective way to eliminate the disease. The patient receives detailed recommendations regarding diagnosis and treatment.
Who can apply for video consultation with a proctologist
Proctologists in Israel help patients in the treatment of the following diseases:
  • hemorrhoids;
  • rectal tumor;
  • anal fissures;
  • rectal oncology;
  • proctitis;
  • intestinal prolapse;
  • chronic constipation;
  • fecal incontinence.
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Treatment methods used by proctologists in Israel

In Israeli medical centers, modern methods of treating diseases of the rectum and colon, pararectal region and anus are successfully used. Often, a proctologist is a colorectal surgeon who performs rectal and colon surgery. During treatment, they cooperate with representatives of related professions: urologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists

Low-traumatic advanced techniques are used: ligation with latex rings, botox injections, infrared and ultrasonic coagulation, laser therapy, vascular hardening. Surgical interventions are performed in difficult cases. They are organ-preserving and minimally invasive: endoscopic and laparoscopic.

What you need to consult with a proctologist online
Before signing up for an online consultation with a proctologist at an Israeli clinic, you need to upload the current medical documents in a special form on our website. After that, they will agree with you and appoint a convenient time for video consultation with a doctor of the highest category and narrow specialization.
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What does the patient get during the consultation
Remote consultation with a doctor is conducted in Russian. At the same time, if the doctor does not own it, then a medical translator helps him. During the online consultation, the doctor:
  • compares symptoms and medical records presented;
  • forms his own, independent opinion about the development of the disease;
  • introduces the patient to modern methods of treatment that are suitable for him, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body;
  • gives personalized recommendations;
  • selects a treatment program that matches the condition, nature of the disease and other factors.
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Upon completion of the consultation, a detailed medical opinion and recommendations on further treatment tactics (with translation into Russian) are sent to the patient's e-mail. They can be used to contact a proctologist at the place of residence, or they will be taken into account when undergoing treatment in one of the leading medical centers in Israel.