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Neurosurgeons of Israel — consultation, appointment
Neurosurgery is a very complex area of medicine, but it is being actively improved in Israel. Leading neurosurgeons in Israel are doctors of the highest category, professors and doctors of MN. Many of them, in addition to clinical practice, are engaged in scientific activities in the field of micro- and neurosurgery and are members of the world associations of neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists.
Expansion of the range of indications for the surgical removal of hard-to-reach intracranial tumors became possible due to the introduction of endoscopic techniques. Doctors use innovative methods of stereotactic radiosurgery, which is an excellent alternative to radical surgery. Israeli neurosurgeons have earned the respect of patients for their excellent treatment results, hard work and self-improvement.
Online consultations of neurosurgeons from Israel
Not all patients can come to Israel for diagnosis. These are both financial reasons and health conditions. But distance is no longer an obstacle to getting qualified help. Consultation with a neurosurgeon can be obtained remotely. The additional opinion of an Israeli specialist helps the patient choose the right solution that saves both time and money. And in some cases, unnecessary surgery is prevented and an unjustified risk to life and health is prevented.
Neurosurgical intervention is a serious step when a balanced approach is required and many factors are taken into account. Video consultation of a neurosurgeon is an expert opinion of an experienced specialist who will tell you about the risks and advantages of the planned treatment, give a prognosis of the course of the disease and a treatment plan (program).
Who can apply for video consultation with a neurosurgeon
The most frequent calls from abroad to doctors of neurosurgeons from Israel come from patients with pathologies of different parts of the nervous system:
  • tumors and metastases of the spine;
  • head and spine injuries;
  • congenital malformations of the central nervous system;
  • pathology of the spinal cord canals;
  • pain syndromes;
  • curvature and fractures of the spine;
  • epilepsy;
  • Parkinson's disease.
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Treatment methods used by Israeli neurosurgeons
Israeli neurosurgeons in the treatment of pathologies of the brain and spinal cord use advanced methods and technologies:
  • high precision operating equipment with gamma emitters and operating microscopes;
  • robotic surgical technique;
  • high-precision radio emitters;
  • the newest medicines that are not yet used in European and American clinics.
In the treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord, neurosurgeons use less traumatic methods. Therefore, up to 80% of patients recover completely. This is facilitated by high-precision diagnostics, the doctor's own knowledge and the use of the positive experience of his colleagues.
What you need to consult a neurosurgeon online
Before signing up for an online consultation with a neurosurgeon in an Israeli clinic, you need to upload current medical documents in a special form on our website, including:
  • cerebral angiography;
  • stereotactic biopsy;
  • blood test results;
  • MRI or CT.
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What does the patient get during the consultation
If the doctor does not speak Russian, he is accompanied by a medical translator. During an online consultation, a neurosurgeon:
  • analyzes medical records, collects an anamnesis of the disease;
  • discusses with the patient the relevance of the diagnosis and its actual condition;
  • makes a personal expert opinion, explains in an accessible form the recommended procedure for further treatment.
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After the consultation, an official translation of the doctor's opinion is sent to the patient's e-mail. With these data, you can contact a neurosurgeon at your place of residence or continue treatment in one of the leading medical centers in Israel.