Treatment of prostate cancer in Israel – effective and gentle methods

Prostate cancer is a common oncopathology in men aged about 60 years and older. In Russia, this disease is on 4th place among all oncology. The appearance of malignant tumors is associated with changes in the hormonal background in men, genetic predisposition and the influence of many other factors, the role of which scientists have not yet established.

In the world, prostate cancer is treated in different ways, depending on the equipment of clinics and the qualifications of doctors. If we take Israel, for example, they use the most modern methods of treatment. Most often, effective therapy is used for treatment, replacing surgery. Sparing techniques include: cryoablation, HIFU therapy, brachytherapy. With their help, the oncological process stops, a long-term remission is established, which allows the man to maintain potency.

But if you cannot do without surgical intervention, then in Israeli clinics, minimally invasive interventions and operations are used. They use a nanoknife or da Vinci robot, which have replaced outdated standard surgical procedures. Such an intervention allows you to preserve a maximum of healthy tissues due to a point effect on the pathology. Even if the patient enters treatment at an advanced stage, the Israeli doctors eliminate the symptoms and destroy the primary and secondary foci. Patients feel much better, their quality life is prolonged, which is impossible with other methods. In Israeli clinics, 98% of patients at an early stage of oncology and half with an advanced form of the disease fully recover.

Israeli doctors’ consultations for citizens of other countries

Israeli doctors are armed with ways to help patients at any stage of prostate cancer, but the sooner a man turns to a doctor, the better, more effective and cheaper the treatment will be. Foreign citizens can order an online consultation, if they have not received proper medical care at home or if they want to use more effective and gentle methods of influencing the body. Consultations are carried out on the basis of available medical tests and indicators, and the customer does not even need to leave the house, and even more so to leave the country. World-renowned doctors will do their best to ensure that a man in a difficult health situation receives quality care. The selected narrow-profile doctor will express his second opinion on the diagnosis made and give rational recommendations. A man will decide on his own to be treated at home or to go to Israel for diagnosis and treatment.

Prostate cancer treatment in Israel

Israeli doctors do not use universal tactics to get rid of an illness, they choose a treatment strategy that they develop for a specific person. An individual treatment plan is drawn up, progressive methods are selected.

The following methods are used to diagnose prostate cancer:

♦ Surgery.
♦ Radiotherapy – Remote Irradiation or Brachytherapy.
♦ Antihormone therapy – for prostate cancer, male sex hormones are blocked. After all, it is they who promote the growth of malignant cells. For this, special preparations are introduced and the testicles are resected.
♦ Chemotherapy – chemical drugs inhibit tumor growth.
♦ Targeted therapy – uses targeted drugs that only target cancer cells.
♦ Cryotherapy – cancer cells are destroyed by freezing.
♦ Photodynamic therapy – the photosensitizer selectively accumulates after intravenous or local administration. Then the tumor is irradiated with a laser or other source. A photochemical reaction takes place, singlet oxygen is generated, which damages the membranes and organelles of tumor cells, from which they die.
♦ Biotherapy and immunotherapy – for each patient, a special individual vaccine is developed, from which his immune system is activated and begins to fight against oncological pathologies.

Irreversible electroporation using a Nano Knife (NanoKnife).

This technique can be called a new level of treatment for prostate cancer. The use of a nanoknife is a real help for hopeless cancer patients, patients with severe and advanced types of oncology that cannot be cured by conventional methods of exposure. The principle of operation of the technology is as follows: special fine-needle electrodes are introduced into the cancer tumor. This process is monitored using ultrasound and computed tomography. The NanoKnife is then dosed with a high-voltage electric current of 3000 volts to destroy the tumor.

Irreversible electroporation does not destroy the surrounding healthy tissues and there are no inflammatory reactions after it. The risks of damage to nearby organs, nerves and blood vessels are minimized. Thanks to the use of a nanoknife, patients do not experience pain and do not form scars. Unfortunately, NanoKnife is not suitable for all patients, there are certain limitations.

Other treatments for prostate cancer

Most often, prostate cancer in Israel is surgically treated with prostatectomy (resection of the prostate gland). Laparoscopy or da Vinci robot is used. Nerve-sparing surgery preserves sexual function. In some cases, transurethral resection of the prostate gland through the urethra is used.

Effectively destroy prostate cancer using the innovative HIFU technique. A malignant tumor is exposed to sound waves that do not damage healthy cells. Therefore, after such exposure, men retain their sexual functions and are able to lead a full sex life.

The choice of a method for treating prostate cancer in Israel depends on the stage at which the oncology was diagnosed and the personal characteristics of the patient. In this country, doctors apply innovative medical advances, so for each patient there is an effective, suitable treatment for him or her from prostate cancer.

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